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Time to learn how to use the Instant Pot. No more fear. No more intimidation. No more frustration! I'll show you step by step, trick by trick how to get the most out of your crazy-awesome Instant Pot in this in-depth video course. Only $39!

  • Are you so excited about your new Instant Pot but don't know where to start?

  • Are you intimidated by this thing and scared to even take it out of the box?

  • Have you had a few failures with your Instant Pot and have no idea why?

  • Do you wish you had someone who could just come show you how to use it?

Get Amazing Instant Pot Results

I will teach you how to take full advantage of everything the Instant Pot has to offer from fall-off-the-bone meats to decadent cheesecakes to healthy yogurts to dump and eat meals in a fraction of the time! You'll learn how to do it all! You've invested in your Instant Pot, now invest in learning how to get the most out of it without all the stress and intimidation. Get the full 30 video course for only $39!
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Get Amazing Instant Pot Results

From The Author of TWO Authorized Instant Pot Cookboooks!

No More Instant Pot Worries

Develop the confidence to turn to your Instant Pot regularly to create amazing home-cooked meals in a fraction of the time.

  • No more intimidation and stress

  • No more guilt because your Instant Pot is just sitting there unused

  • Learn the secrets to no-fail recipes

  • 5 easy starter recipes and 5 advanced recipes included at no additional cost

  • You will become the Boss of your Instant Pot for just $39 - less than the cost of two "failed" Instant Pot meals

Be An Instant Pot Boss

Lean all the tips, tricks, and secerets to making Oooh... and Ahhh... worthy Instant Pot Meals

I'm ready to get started!

Who is Heather

And Why Is she Teaching This Course?

I am completely amazed at what the Instant Pot can do and I want everyone to love it like I do! But there's no question there's a learning curve and it can feel quite steep at times! I'm here to help you jump on that curve and master it. 

I am a published author of two Instant Pot Authorized cookbooks - Cooking with Your Instant Pot Mini, which is an Amazon Best Seller, and The Instant Pot Holiday Cookbook - a new release that makes your Holiday entertaining almost effortless with the help of your Instant Pot. Each cookbook has 100 tried and true and fully tested recipes. Trust me when I say... I know my Instant Pots (yes, I have several)!

I gave up my corporate life as a litigation attorney and CEO of a medical company to follow my true passions - cooking, writing, and teaching. That's when The Spicy Apron was born. I have been creating, testing, writing, and teaching about food and cooking for nearly five years on my blog and YouTube Cooking Show.

I cook. A lot. My husband and I collectively have 8 kids. My sister and her husband have 5 kids, and I have been cooking for both of our families nearly every night going on 10 years! That's a lot of cooking! And I love every minute of it.

I'm here to help you take the fear and intimidation out of your Instant Pot. My promise to you is that if you follow along and complete this course, you will most definitely be the Boss of Your Instant Pot. And you'll amaze everyone with the fabulous food you put on the table over and over and over again. I guarantee it! 

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel like you can comfortablly tackle any recipe in your Instant Pot after taking my Be the Boss of Your Instant Pot Course, I will give you a full refund with my 30-day refund policy.

Yes! Make me an Instant Pot Boss for $39

What You'll Get

Get ready to learn all about how to use the Instant Pot as you watch 30 easy to follow and understand video lessons you can enjoy at your own pace. Grab your pot and let's get started! Get all 30 videos for less than the cost of 2 "failed" Instant Pot Meals (Only $39!)

  • 30 fun-filled, well organized and informative video lessons you can enjoy at your own pace (see the full curriculum below)

  • Full demonstration of 5 easy starter recipes and 5 advanced recipes, including the full printable recipes at no additional charge

  • Email support ready to answer any questions you may have

  • The knowledge and confidence to grab your Intant Pot, make your meals, and always get great results

Here's What You'll Learn

  • 1
    Welcome Fellow Pot Heads!
    • I'm Glad You're Here! Watch This First
  • 2
    Getting to Know Your Instant Pot
  • 3
    The Best Easy Recipes to Start With
    • Eggs in the Instant Pot are Magical
    • Rice of All Kinds
    • Beans - No More Soaking
    • Whole Chicken - We Call that "Fauxtisserie" Chicken
    • Ribs - Wow Food!
    • Egg Recipe
    • Rice Recipe
    • Bean Recipe
    • Whole Chicken Recipe
    • Ribs Recipe
  • 4
    Advanced Recipes to Really Impress
    • Meatloaf of All Shapes and Sizes
    • "Roasted" Potatoes with Onion Gravy - the Secret to Sauces
    • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce That Doesn't Burn
    • Chicken and Dumplings - Creamy that actually works
    • Cheesecake using the Pot-in-Pot Method - A Must-Know Instant Pot Skill
    • Meatloaf Recipe
    • IP Course - Potatoes
    • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Recipe
    • Chicken and Dumplings Recipe
    • Cheesecake Recipe
  • 5
    What Did I Do Wrong? Recipe Troubleshooting
    • Why Is This Taking So Long?
    • The Burn Notification - How to Recongnize it, Fix It, and Avoid It
    • Double or Halve the Recipe? Modification Suggestions
    • The Difference Between "Can" and "Should"
    • General Rules of Thumb - Frozen Foods and Crockpot Conversions
  • 6
    Let's Talk About Non-Traditional Uses
    • Yogurt - More Instant Pot Magic
    • Popcorn - Yes You Can
    • Wine - Who Knew?
    • Sterilize - Easier Than Ever
    • Potpourri - Aaahhh.....
  • 7
    Accessories - What Do You Need?
    • Where to Find Foolproof Recipes
    • Do You Need a Cheesecake Pan?
    • Other Pot-in-Pot Stuff
    • Make it Yours - Personalization
  • 8
    A Few Final Thoughts
    • Now You're the Boss

Don't wait! You've Got This!

Grab your pot and let the classes begin. I'm here for you every step of the way! You've got nothing to lose with my 30-day money back guarantee.

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  • Does it matter which model Instant Pot I have?

    The tips in this course will help users of all Instant Pot pressure cooker models, including everything from the Mini to the Ultra to the Smart WIFI. But it is NOT for users of non-pressure cooker models such as the Gem or the Aura

  • Who should take this course?

    This course is designed to help people get the most out of their Instant Pots and instill the confidence and knowledge to help home cooks create consistently great Instant Pot meals without feeling intimidated or frustrated. If you're new to Instant Pot or you're frustrated with your results or yours is still sitting in the box in the garage and you want to feel comfortable and confident using it, then this course is for you.

  • Who shouldn't take this course?

    If you are comfortable with frequent use of your Instant Pot and consistently get great results with all types of Instant Pot food, and you're even the one often teaching your friends how to use it, then you probably don't need to take this course (although the 10 free recipes are really good and you might want those! lol!)

  • Do you really offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes! And you've got 30 days to decide! If after watching this course, you do not feel far more comfortable and confident using your Instant Pot to create awesome Instant Pot meals, I will give you a full refund. This is my personal guarantee. Simply request the refund within 30 days of purchase.

Read what others are saying!

C. Wilson - Texas

Should be a required course for new Instant Pot users

C. Wilson - Texas

I really didn't know what to do when I got my Instant Pot. Heather's course walked me through the whole process and made me feel very comfortable cooking with it. I use my Instant Pot all the time now thanks to this course.
Taylor P. - Arizona

The best money I've spent since buying my Instant Pot

Taylor P. - Arizona

I never really took the time to learn my Instant Pot when I first got it and it sat on my counter collecting dust. I'm so glad I found this awesome course! It really motivated me to get out there and start really using my pot. Thanks, Heather!
Kate - Illinois

Great for college students

Kate - Illinois

I am in college and it's my first time cooking on my own. I got an Instant Pot as a gift and thanks to this course I am super comfortable cooking all kinds of things for myself and my roommates. Heather makes it so easy!
Ryan S. - Colorado

I was scared of my pot!

Ryan S. - Colorado

I had heard so many horror stories about pressure cookers exploding or ruining food that I was truly scared to use it when someone gave me one. I almost threw it away but found Heather's course and binge watched it. It saved the day. I kept my pot and now I use it almost daily! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this course!

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It's time! It's time to unbox it and Be the Boss of Your Instant Pot! You've invested in your Instant Pot. Now invest in getting the most out of it. Only $39!

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